About GNE

Technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity in the last century; we are no longer limited by the confines of our reality. Technology grants us the ability to experience the worlds we create. To breathe life into them, and watch them evolve. Doing so is not meant for a privileged few; it is a sacred trust we should all embrace.

G33X Nexus Entertainment started its life as an independent game studio with one goal in mind: to produce games that allowed players to explore other universes and to influence those universes with the stories they forged through playing. Since our humble (if grandiose) beginnings, GNE has expanded in scope but not in purpose. We still strive to develop, influence, research and utilize technologies that further our ability to create and explore virtual universes, however we have decided to focus our efforts on various projects under three separate names:

Each has its own group of talent, yet the overall core group is the same. All are GNE, and while each may have a different focus, our core goals are the same.

Welcome to GNE. What story will you tell?


News :: New Face for GNE!

Welcome to the New GNE

Three years ago we launched an ambitious site with a lot of potential. We had it aggregating news from all of our other sites, and it was to become the central hub for all things GNE. However, since it was designed to be low maintenance, it turned into zero maintenance, and has been broken and unusable for the last year or two. We've moved on, and our website was becoming increasingly more of an ...

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